Capturing Local Life in Egypt

One of the things that we do during our travels is to try and capture images of local life and not just photographs of historic sites that we see. We often take tours where we drive through various areas of cities on our way to our intended destination and often these glimpses into the real lives of the people who live there are as fascinating as the tourist locations that we visit. It started with our trip to India many years ago where we took photographs of the stores, houses, and people who lived throughout Chennai. We have continued to do so during all of our trips, especially those where the lifestyle of the people where we are visiting is different than our own.

Streets of Luxor
Setting Up Shop
Donkey Transportation
Busy Sidewalks Outside of Cairo
Heading to Work

It is an interesting way to get a sense of a culture that you might not get otherwise. Clearly, any country is diverse and no single picture can capture the entire society, but it is often a window into things that you won’t find in any travel books or brochures. Taking photographs from a traveling vehicle isn’t always easy and you often have just a second to try and capture the image that you see as you drive by. Because we are taking the photographs from a car traveling through a neighborhood, the people in the pictures have no idea that their photograph is being taken. That allows us to take photographs that capture real life, unfiltered.

Shops and Restaurants
Horse and Donkey Together
Bread for Sale
Casual Conversation
Very Busy Pedestrian Traffic

We were on several tours during our time in Egypt as we visited cities like Cairo, Luxor, Edfu, and Aswan. On each of these tours, we were able to catch different images of local life from these very different cities. Because we saw such a wide variety of people going about their daily lives, it did give us a sense of the overall society. Do you ever take candid photos as you travel from one location to another that aren’t about the destination, but the journey?

Motorcycles Were Not Prevalent in Cairo


Daily Life
Cleaning Up
Catching a Ride
Walking Through the Suburbs


6 thoughts on “Capturing Local Life in Egypt

  1. I love watching people go about their daily lives when I travel. Our last hostel in the UK we could observe school children walking to and from, all in uniforms. Watching them giggle and gossip made me feel connected to our surroundings.

  2. Your photos are really good especially if you take that from the moving vehicle. We usually take a lot of pictures on local activities or scenery when travel, it is very interesting.

  3. I agree with you totally about getting a glimpse of life that otherwise you wouldn’t get. My photos are also of Egypt but life along the Nile. We went to the same places as you and I soaked in the local life as much as the temples and pyramids. It was an amazing country to visit.

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