Learning Different Cooking Techniques When Traveling

Like many people, we not only like to try local dishes when we travel, but we also like to learn about how they prepare the food as well. Whether it is wrapping fish and vegetables in banana leaves, digging a pit, or using special pots like a tajine, the technique has as much to do with the flavor as the spices and meats. We can’t necessarily create all of the same techniques at home, but we try to whenever we can. We definitely love eating in small, family owned restaurants and if we are ever given the opportunity to eat with a local family, which happens occasionally, we absolutely enjoy that as well.

Cooking in a Tajine
Preparing a Local Meal in the Amazon
Traditional Chestnut Soup in Strasbourg
Ham Curing in Southern Spain

One thing that we have noticed through our travels is that we rely too much on modern technologies for cooking and they aren’t truly necessary. There is something special about a rustic meal prepared with traditional methods. The problem in today’s world is that people don’t have the time to prepare and cook meals in such a way that requires hours of time to prep ingredients or cook over open fires. Obviously we’re not suggesting that we turn back the clock to a time when there weren’t all of the conveniences and that a wonderful can’t be created by using them, just that there is something special about a meal made by hand and with love.

Cheese Fondue in Switzerland
Wrapping in Banana Leaves
Cooking Over Open Flames
Shopping for a Tajine in Morocco


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  1. Your motivation to try and learn some traditional cooking styles is fascinating. It is not only interesting to see how different you can prepare some food, but it is also a good education and one can immerse in to the culture even more.

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