What is the Favorite Place That You Have Visited?

It is a question that we get asked frequently and one that is sure to make us cringe. How can we pick a single place? So many of them are wonderful for different reasons and as soon as we even try to pick one, it is immediately followed by “but we also loved…”. Perhaps if they were to ask us our favorite exotic location, food destination, place to go hiking, etc.  Maybe then we could give an answer that is actually meaningful. Otherwise, we just end up listing a few of our favorite places and why we liked them.

Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy
Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador
Temples at Mahabalipuram, India

What is the metric that is supposed to be used to determine your favorite place? Is it based on the variety of sites that you visited, how much you liked the people that you met, or is there a measurement for how unique a place might have been. The time of year that you visit, the festivals that you enjoyed, or the food that you ate might also weigh into the decision. The day we start giving the places that we visit a score based upon some factors would be the day that we stopped traveling.

Eiffel Tower from the Seine
View of the Giza Plateau with Cairo in the Background
View of the Colosseum from the Roman Forum

Obviously there is no way for us to avoid that question, people are truly interested and want to know our thoughts. We wish we could honestly give a single answer, but each experience is so unique in it’s own way. Do you have a travel question that frustrates you whenever you hear it?

The Erechthion in the Acropolis in Athens
View of La Paz, Bolivia
Lighthouse on the Northern Coast of Africa in Morocco


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