You Don’t See That Everyday

Between travel and hiking, you inevitably come across things that you just don’t see everyday. We have been fortunate enough to have seen a good variety of wildlife, but most of it has been the typical deer, elk, birds, etc. Occasionally, though, we have come across some animals that have made us stop and say to ourselves how lucky we were to see something that is a little more unique. Some of it is just because we have put ourselves in position to see something special, but a lot of it is really just a matter of luck. When we look back at all of the various wildlife we have seen in their natural habitats, we realize how lucky we have actually been.

Baby Monkey on a Branch
Wild Turkeys
Sea Lions Playing at Pier 39 in San Francisco
Vine Snake
Mountain Goats
Barbary Monkey
Unique Bird in Bolivia
Another Monkey in a Tree in Ecuador


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