A Busy Few Weeks Ahead

Travel can be exciting and fun, but when it is for work, it can also be stressful and tedious. During the month of November, we will be on the road for three out of four weeks. Two of these will be for work, one to Austin, Texas, and the other to Fairfax, Virginia. At the end of the month, we have our trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, which we are definitely looking forward to having some relaxing time.

View from the Resort in Cabo
Villa Del Palmar
Sunset in the Marina

The problem with traveling for work is that you don’t really get the opportunity to explore the city because of being stuck in meetings all day long. We try to take whatever time that we can to see some of the sights, but it definitely isn’t like visiting a place on a dedicated trip. It also means that we might not have as much time to post over the next couple of weeks, but we will be doing our best to keep up with our normal schedule.

Vendors on the Beach
Where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean
View from Our Room at Sunset

We will focus on our trip to Cabo to try and reduce the mental stress of the next couple of weeks. Cabo is not as much about travel, but is an old-fashioned, do nothing, vacation. We intend to sit by the pool, walk to local restaurants, and generally relax. It is our chance to unwind after a long year that has been exciting, but exhausting due to all of the places that we have visited.

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