What is Your Writing Style?

One of the first things that you are told when deciding to create a website or trying to get your writing published is that you must have a consistent and clear voice. That sounds a little nebulous, but all it really means is that if someone were to read several of the things that you have written, it would be clear to the reader that they were all written by the same person. It is partially about tone, such as whether you use slang or prefer to be more formal, but also things like whether you write in the first or third person.

Fortress Walls at Alhambra in Granada, Spain
Camels on the Beach in Morocco

Another part of your voice is that you keep a consistent style of writing when talking about traveling. Whether you provide historical facts, talk about the top spots to visit, detail your trip in chronological order, or give a daily rundown of your trip, people will begin to have an expectation of what your content will be like. There isn’t a right or wrong style of writing, it is just about your communication style, whatever fits your personality the best.

Waterfall at Coroico, Bolivia
Bran Castle in Romania

Our style of writing is conversational, telling our experiences about a place that we have visited as if we were all sitting together at our favorite watering hole. Obviously we want to give some insight into places to visit, but really we want to express our impressions and take people on a journey with us. What style of travel writing do you prefer?

Prague Castle in the Czech Republic
Beautiful Scenery in Iceland

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