Travel and Blogging – Is it Work?

Colosseum in Rome

Almost every blogger’s dream is to turn their passion into a career that can pay the bills and fulfill their desires, whether that is traveling, cooking, or some other interest. We certainly have not found the secret of success, but we do get a definite sense of satisfaction through all of the interactions that we have had during the two years since we started our site. Blogging has definitely changed the way that we travel, the way that we take photographs, the way that we view our experiences. We have found it important to have a schedule and keep to that schedule when it comes to sharing our adventures. So, as we prepare to leave for Ecuador in seven days, we have been having conversations about how we can keep up with our usual routine and whether we should even be worrying about that.

Andes Mountains in South America
Unique Architecture in Brasov, Romania

So, that begs the question, has traveling become a job for us? Do we feel a responsibility to fill our trips with interesting destinations, locations, excursions that we can write about or do we do them just because we want to and if we can write about it, then fine? The reality is that it is probably a little bit of both. We do think about whether or not something might be of interest to everyone that we’ve connected with, but we are also consumed by seeing and learning about new and different things. One of the biggest differences is that when we traveled in the past, we would have carried a camera and nothing else. Now we take an assortment of electronic equipment with us and getting through security can be a challenge at times.

Standing on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece
Mahabalipuram near Chennai, India

If you are doing what you love, then you aren’t really working is true, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t work. We enjoy visiting places that we haven’t been before, meeting people with a different culture than ours, and trying regional foods. We have “real” jobs, but there is a reason that we take time every day to focus on connecting with other travelers. So, perhaps traveling has become work for us, but if it has, then it is work that we love and if we could make that our only job, we would do that in a heartbeat. What do you think, how much of what you do to create your stories is work and how much is simply what you would do even if you didn’t share it with the world?

Prague Castle Complex, Czech Republic

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