Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, Austria

While we were in Vienna, we made a point of visiting the Sigmund Freud Museum. We have always been fascinated with the famous psychiatrist and were looking forward to seeing what the museum had to offer. Our opinion of the museum is a little mixed. The museum is set in Freud’s apartment where he would see patients, but don’t expect to see it as it would have been when he lived there as the only furniture is in the waiting room and the famous couch where clients would lay as they recited their dreams, aspirations, and fears now resides in the museum in London.

Waiting Room with Interesting Artwork
Freud’s Chair
Writings and Exhibits

You are given a map as you enter and you proceed on a self-guided tour of the apartment. There is a wealth of information on the life of Freud displayed through writings, pictures, newspaper articles, and other documentation. The net result is that it is a little like trying to read a book spread out across the walls of several rooms, so it becomes overwhelming quickly and much is lost.

The Meaning of Dreams
Photos of the Room with Furniture

The building was built in 1891 and Freud moved in after its completion. He lived in the apartment for 47 years where he produced a wealth of writings that were extremely influential to the growth of psychoanalysis and the science of mental health. There has always been some controversy over some of his theories, but it is fascinating to imagine him discussing them with his contemporaries.

Pictures and Writings
Influences of the Time

We would still recommend that people visit the Sigmund Freud Museum when they are in Vienna, but it is helpful to know what to expect in advance. If you are expecting a refurbished home or typical museum exhibits, you might end up being disappointed. If you understand that it is more of a academic experience, then you will find certain aspects extremely interesting.

Waiting Room Coat Closet

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  1. Have been to Vienna several times without visiting this museum. Thanks for your impression, I think it confirms my decision not to visit – haven’t visited the London museum either, despite plenty of opportunity to do so.

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