Schnitzel Variations

A schnitzel is simply a thinly sliced or pounded piece of meat that has been breaded and fried, usually pan-fried. In many ways it can be considered a comfort food for the entire region, but it is especially prevalent in Germany. The protein can be pork, chicken, veal, or even other types of beef, so the variations are almost limitless as to the ways that it can be prepared. The most common is Wiener Schnitzel or Vienna Schnitzel, which is a veal schnitzel served with a wedge of lemon, but in Germany it is most often pork with a mushroom cream sauce. We also had a wonderful Chicken Cordon Bleu Schnitzel as well as some very simple schnitzels. It certainly isn’t necessarily the prettiest of meals, but that doesn’t take away from how well it tastes. Schnitzel will forever be connected in our minds with our time spent in Germany and every time we take a bite of schnitzel, we will be transported back to our time spent in Frankfurt.

Our Very First Wiener Schnitzel
Enormous Schnitzel in Vienna
Served with Pickled Cucumber
And Fried Potatoes
Schnitzel with a Chutney Sauce
Schnitzel with a Mushroom Cream Sauce


6 Replies to “Schnitzel Variations”

  • We also enjoyed schnitzel while in Germany. Had turkey schnitzel at the restaurant in the Nymphenburg Palace Garden for Thanksgiving dinner–apparently turkey is rare and expensive in Germany.

  • Weiner schnitzel is properly veal, not pork. Also, I think the mushroom sauce must be a German thing, don’t remember it accompanying any of the schnitzels I had in Austria, so no, a Weiner Schnitzel is not a pork schnitzel with mushroom sauce. It is a veal schnitzel without sauce, originating in Vienna.

    • You are correct, a weiner schnitzel from Austria is made with veal. In Germany , schnitzel is typically made of pork and other meats and the mushroom sauce is popular. In Germany you will also find weiner schnitzel served with the mushroom cream sauce.

  • Can’t think of many things better than a Weiner Schnitzel. Fabulous in either Austria or Germany. Quality food everytime.

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