The Calm Before the Storm

It is true that the day before a storm arrives, the weather is usually deceptively beautiful. Here in Colorado, we usually call it “the warm before the storm”, but the idea is still the same. This was definitely true this weekend as we took these pictures the night before we got another foot of snow. That is right, the last weekend of April and we have a foot of snow in our backyard.  These pictures are from the night before the storm.  The clouds were already gathering, but that made for a beautiful sunset.




Perhaps it is a metaphor for the excitement before our trip to South America.  We leave tomorrow to start our trip and we’re in the process of taking care of the final items on our preparation list.   This is actually one of the longer trips that we’ve taken, so there has been quite a bit to take care of before we leave.  Today we are relaxed and excited for the adventures ahead of us, but tomorrow will probably start the butterflies in our stomach as the anticipation builds.  We’ll post a few pictures from the trip as we can, but we might be out of touch from time to time.




Best wishes to everyone and we’ll share the stories of our trip as soon as we return.

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