Daily Post Photo Challenge – Optimistic

We decided to go ahead and take the photo challenge for the first time. We were talking about what made us optimistic and generally speaking, it is when we see the good in children. Whether they’ve been taught manners and hold doors open, say “thank you”, or do charitable deeds. Or perhaps they embrace family and their heritage as with this young girl whose photo we took while at Oktoberfest last September. We’d like to believe that someday there will be a world when enough kind-hearted children grow up to be tolerant adults that the madness of intolerance and hatred is shamed out of existence. Perhaps more wishful thinking than optimism πŸ™‚

Young Dancer
Young Dancer


2 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge – Optimistic

  1. Delightful picture! I’m an optimist too – at least most days – but that’s a extremely optimistic vision considering the way most children seem to be brought up nowadays πŸ™‚

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