We Miss the European Rail System

Now, probably more than ever, we miss the convenience and efficiency of the European rail system. Part of it is due to where we live in the United States, because the states are so large and it takes a long time to even get out of Colorado. When we were living in Germany, which is centrally located, we were able to take trains not only throughout the country, but to other countries as well. Because it was so easy to take trains to different places, we used to plan our weekend and buy our tickets using the DB (Deutsche Bahn) app on the day before we wanted to leave. With the option for private cabins, food cars, and in some cases, sleeper cars, the trains provided comfort as well as convenience. The scenery as the trains wound their way through the countryside was always amazing.

Train Arriving to the Station
Train Station in Amsterdam
Romanian Train Station
Food Car
Cargo Train at the Station
Frankfurt Station Entrance
Scene from the Train Window as We Traveled to Strasbourg, France
Train Coming into the Station
First Class Cabin

Riding the Gondola in Telluride, Colorado

Whether staying in downtown Telluride or staying in the Mountain Village, you will want to take advantage of the free gondola that can shuttle you between the two. Depending on the time of day, there can be long lines to get on the gondola, but it moves pretty quickly. There is also a stop at the summit that is 10,540 feet high (3,212 meters) with hiking trails and a really nice restaurant called Allred’s with incredible views.

Leaving from the Telluride Station
Views from the Summit
Bicycle Being Carried on the Gondola

The gondola operates 290 days per year, with scheduled downtime during the non-peak seasons, and runs between 6:30 am and midnight daily (and until 2:00 am on Friday/Saturday). The ride between Telluride and the Mountain Village takes a little less than 13 minutes as the gondola travels at 11 miles per hour during the journey. Most of the cabins are fitted with bike racks in order to carry mountain bikes up to the top of the mountain.

Fun Photo in the Summit
Heading Down Towards the Mountain Village

Although the gondola serves as transportation between the Mountain Village and the town of Telluride, it is really about the incredible views of the mountains that make it worthwhile even if you don’t have a reason to travel from one location to the other. It was hot during our stay in Telluride, so it was also nice to get a little higher in altitude where the temperatures were slightly cooler.

The Short Runway of the Telluride Airport
Amazing Views as We Headed Back Towards Telluride
More of the Beautiful Scenery

Unique Ways to Get Around

We are all used to traveling by airplane, car, boat, and trains, but sometimes you find yourself having a unique way to get from one place to another. Some might require a sense of adventure and some are just for fun, others are literally the only way to get from point A to point B. Throughout time, people have found ways to improve how they travel or overcome obstacles that keep them from getting to their destination. Even in this age of technology and modern innovation, simple travel solutions can still be found, especially in remote areas. Here are a few of the unique ways that we’ve gotten around, but certainly not all of them. We aren’t sure which of these might considered the most unique because we enjoyed them all for the experience that they provided. What is the most unique way that you have travelled?

Paddling in a Small Canoe in the Amazon

How About a Horse-Drawn Sleigh or a Snowcat

Cable Car Ride Across the Rhine River

Whitewater Rafting

Riding Camels in the Desert

Rowing with Their Feet in Vietnam

Riding the Funicular in Budapest

Getting Into Carrasco National Park in Bolivia

Sailing in a Faluka

Horse-Drawn Carriage or a Tuk-Tuk

Trolly Car
Trolley Car in San Francisco

Soaring Through the Jungle

Pirate Ship in the Marina

Not Necessarily Unique, but Bicycles Outnumber People in Amsterdam

Check Out Line of Snowmobiles

Cable Cars in Gibraltar