The Street Art of Budapest

We love finding interesting street art in cities around the world, and Budapest was certainly no different. We find it interesting that there are often sites now where you can find maps of all of the street art in a city, which is great for people that enjoy seeing all of the variations of street art that a city has to offer. Much of the street art in Budapest is located in the Old Jewish Quarter where trendy restaurants and shops are now really popular. We didn’t use a map during our trip, so the art we found, we found somewhat randomly. As with most street art, it was colorful and sometimes whimsical. Here are a few of our favorites.

It Almost Looks Like She is Peeking Through the Trees
Just Outside a Ruin Pub
Pastel Colors
Very Colorful Street Art
Geometric Shapes

Seeing Street Art When Traveling

We have seen some truly interesting and beautiful art on the sides of buildings during our travels. Obviously not all of it is good and there is still plenty of graffiti to be found, but the work done by true artists can be quite wonderful. Art is something that unites all of us and the feelings that the images generate are not limited to the culture in which they were created. With that said, the culture also comes through in the art in the representations of the people, the colors, and at times the political message represented. More and more, as we travel we actively seek out street art in order to capture images of them to be part of our record of our visit. We are sharing just a sampling of that art and we don’t have a particular favorite. Do you capture images of street art and, if you do, do you have one that speaks to you more than others?

Tigers Getting Colorful Stripes in Carlsbad, California
A Woman Looking Like She is Peeking Through the Trees in Budapest
Building in Quito, Ecuador
Restaurant Wall in Prague
Fish Mosaic Wall in Vietnam
Chinatown Mural in San Francisco
Artwork in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Painted Building in Reykjavik, Iceland
Street Art in Panama City, Panama
Side of a Building in Denver, Colorado
Sandhill Cranes Painted on Wall in Southern Colorado
Surfing Mario at the Beach in California

Street Art in Hanoi, Vietnam

Although Hanoi is a very hectic city with bustling streets and every inch of space being utilized, we did happen to find some interesting street art. The majority of the art was found on the highway as we headed from our hotel to the airport and we took the photographs from the car, but most of them were still clear and not blurry. One of the great things about street art is that it reminds us that we are all similar around the world. Images of people, family, home, and our natural surroundings are often subjects of street art, but it is the whimsical nature of the art that is often most common.

Singing and Dancing

Temple Building

Turtle God

On the Wall Behind the Basilica

Family Home

Royal Procession



Dragon God

Fish Mosaic

3-D Tiger


Another Dragon

Colorful Farm with Crops