Bear Creek Trail Near Telluride, Colorado

One of the more popular hiking trails near Telluride in Colorado is the Bear Creek Trail. It is popular for a variety of reasons, its proximity to town, the moderate incline, wildflowers, and the stream that runs next to the trail. Like any hiking in the Colorado high country, it is important to drink plenty of water as well as to be aware of the altitude and pace yourself. The trail is nice and wide, which also means that there is plenty of sunshine that can make it a hot hike on a summer day.

Aspen Trees Along the Trail
Views of Bear Creek
Enjoying Our Hike
Dramatic Scenery

The trail winds its way amongst the groves of Aspen trees as it climbs its way for an elevation gain of a little over a thousand feet (300 meters). Although there aren’t many views of Telluride from the trail, the mountain peaks are visible from many locations on the trail making for some dramatic scenery. Because of its popularity, there will be many other hikers on the trail with you making the chances of seeing wildlife slim and perhaps not as much of an escape into nature as some other trails.

Looking Up Through an Aspen Grove
Gorgeous Vistas
Pond with a Beaver Dam Just Outside of Telluride
Start of the Trail
Beautiful Views from the Trail

This was one of our first hikes of the season due to the fact that we haven’t been able to get out as much, so it felt really good to get out on a trail and hike for a few hours. With so many trails to choose from in the area, it is hard not to find one that meets your hiking skill and endurance level. The trail is considered to be moderate, but when hiking in the mountains, there are always going to be strenuous sections with some steep inclines. Hiking Bear Creek Trail was certainly a great way to start our stay in Telluride.

Walking Along the Creek
“Chimney Rock” on the Cliff
Mountain Summit
Relaxing Hike
Summit in the Distance at the Start of the Hike

Sometimes It is About the Small Things

We very much enjoy seeing cityscapes, landscapes, enormous churches, bridges, and other substantial views during our travels. These sights can be breathtaking and are definitely the highlights of many of our trips. Sometimes, though, seeing some of the smaller details is just as memorable. Whether seeing the details in artwork, architecture, or focusing on a single flower, there is a lot of beauty that is on a smaller scale. We can look back at any of our travels and point to times where we saw and captured photos of intricate details that bring back fond memories of the place that we were visiting. Our trip to Iceland was definitely a trip with substantial landscapes with volcanoes, glaciers, lava covered beaches, huge geysers, and other amazing scenery. In addition to those grand sights, there were trickling streams, frozen pools, bubbling hot springs, and smaller lava features that were just as fascinating. For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, things that start with the letter I, we have chosen a few photos from Iceland that focus on some of the smaller details.

Stream in the National Park

Little Geyser

Lava Rocks

Frozen Pool