The Twin Towers of Gothic and Romanesque Cathedrals

One of the things that you notice as you visit cathedrals around the world are the twin towers on both gothic and Romanesque style cathedrals. They are certainly beautiful and provide a sense of symmetry, but we were curious if there was any particular symbolism behind them. We did what most people do today and did some searches on the internet to see if there was any significance in having towers flank the main entrance to the cathedral, but what discovered was that there apparently isn’t any particular meaning behind them, at least from a religious standpoint. More likely than not, it is just a preference by the artist or architect that created the design. One of the more interesting theories that we read about was that it was introduced by the Freemasons as part of their symbolism, but there are plenty of other theories surrounding the Freemasons. Regardless of whether there is meaning behind these pairs of towers, we have certainly enjoyed seeing them all around the world.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna
Notre Dame in Paris
Catedral Metropolitana in Panama
Front of the Basilica in Quito, Ecuador
Cologne Cathedral and the Rhine River
Chicago Towers
Twin Towers on the Church in Koblenz