Parasailing – Just for the Thrill of It

If you have ever been to a beach resort, you are likely to have seen the boats pulling parasailers around above the ocean waters. Strapping yourself into a harness that is connected to an over-sized parachute and being hauled by a boat while you float higher and higher, probably sounded crazy when it first started in the early 1960’s. We actually went parasailing during one of our trips to Cabo San Lucas and found it to be a lot of fun with great views of the beach and we could even see the large sea turtles swimming in the ocean below. Apparently, there is now a craze to parasail over water with great white sharks swimming below. That is more of a thrill ride than what we would consider doing. Although it is a lot of fun, having done it once is good enough for us and we probably won’t do it again. Generally speaking, parasailing is safe, but accidents do happen and there isn’t anything that keeps the tour companies from taking people up in unsafe conditions. With multiple companies out in the water at the same time, they can sometimes come dangerously close to colliding with other boats or other parasailers. For this week’s Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge we are sharing some photos of parasailers, including ourselves, from some of our trips to the beach. Have you gone parasailing? Would you do it again?

Parasailer in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Parasailer at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
They Took Us Really High
Multiple Parasailers at Sunset
Having Fun
The Views are Amazing