Life in Movement

Life is a perpetual series of events that change our perceptions, sometimes define who we are, as well as influence our world view. Before going to bed last night, we learned of the news of the attack in Berlin and obviously we are terribly saddened to hear of another horrific attack. It is easy to close one’s door, lock out the world, and try to hide from the events that surround us all. We do not want to let fear and threats keep us from moving forward, fallowing the path that life is leading us, or enjoying the beauty that the world has to offer. With that in mind, tonight we will visit the Christmas market here in Frankfurt, not in defiance, but with an honest understanding that life is unpredictable and that the motion of life, not stagnation, is what makes it special. Every ebb and flow brings new understandings, new experiences, and sometimes pain and sadness. We have already booked a trip to Prague for the Christmas weekend as well as a trip to Athens for the New Year’s weekend. With all of that said, this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Chutes and Ladders, symbols of movement through a child’s board-game. We will continue to move forward, to not stop progressing through life in the best way that we know how, so for this week’s challenge we are sharing a few photos that remind of us of that simple child’s game as well as the perpetual motion of life.

Water Coming Down One of the Chutes of the Aqueducts in Alhambra
Ladder at Mesa Verde in Colorado
Waterfall in Bolivia
Christmas Market in Frankfurt