Vietnam and Laos Adventure on the Horizon

We are less than two weeks away from our next trip, which will take us to Hanoi, Vietnam and Vientiane, Laos. Obviously we are very excited to visit these two fascinating countries and perhaps a little nervous as well. We’ve mentioned before that we really enjoy pushing our boundaries and seeing places that are truly foreign to our daily lives and this trip should definitely live up to those expectations. We have several tours booked for our time there and can’t wait to emerse ourselves into the local culture as much as possible.

We Can’t Wait to See the Landscapes and Compare it to Other Places We’ve Visited, Like the Amazon Jungle
Expecting Busy Streets in Hanoi that Might Remind Us of Chennai

In addition to seeing parts of Vietnam and Laos, we also have two long layovers in Hong Kong and have a tour set up for there as well. Just like our trip to India, the travel time is long and we will be making every effort to reduce the consequences of jetlag on our arrival to Asia. The flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong is the longest leg of the flight at a little over 15 hours in the air, so we’ll be doing our best to get some rest and be prepared to hit the ground running in Hong Kong.

We Will Spend Over 20 Hours in the Air