The Frozen Scenery of Iceland

We have visited many places where the scenery was just absolutely amazing and Iceland was certainly one of those places. We will often take hundreds of photographs, using multiple cameras, and even though we find the photographs stunning, they don’t always capture the moment. Whether it was driving around the Golden Circle or heading along the coast to places like the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the views are just spectacular. It is such a rugged environment and the fact that we visited in winter made it even more stunning. We stayed in the capital city of Reykjavik and rented a car so that we could drive ourselves around the beautiful island.

Rugged Scenery
Geysir Starting to Erupt
Lava Contrasting with the Snow
Very Serene

Although we have shared many of the photographs during our time in Iceland such as those of the black beaches, the Gullfoss Waterfalls, and Geysir, there are literally hundreds of images that we haven’t had the chance to share. The contrasts of the scenery from volcanos, the ocean, ice and snow, lava fields, mountains, and glaciers make every image unique. We decided to take this opportunity to share some of the photographs that we took during our trip that we have never previously shared.

Small Town by the Bay
Lava Cliff
Haunting Landscape
Rocky Scenery

We spent several days driving around Iceland, so the conditions were different as it was sometimes sunny and sometimes snowy. Also, because it was winter, the days were very short with the sun not rising until around 10:00 a.m. in the morning and setting in late afternoon. That allowed us to have different views of the places that we visited with many changes in lighting. At times the scenery was almost hauntingly beautiful and other times it was simply awe inspiring. Although we didn’t get a chance to make our way around to some of the more distant destinations in Iceland, like those driving around the Ring Road, the places that we did visit have made for some of our favorite memories.

Steam Rising from the Volcano
Gullfoss Waterfalls
In the Middle of Nowhere

Sun, Snow, and Ice

If you visit Iceland during the winter, as we did a couple of years ago, you will certainly be surrounded by some harsh conditions. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful, though, as we found so many sights that were absolutely stunning. There is something about the sun shining through the wintery clouds and then reflecting off of the frozen tundra that is hauntingly attractive. Having just gone through the “bomb cyclone” here in Colorado where we were buried with snow and ice, it definitely brought back thoughts of our time in Iceland. As we drove around the countryside, we were constantly amazed by the incredible scenery and could only imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have the comfort of a car to return to. Here are a few of our favorite photographs of sun reflecting across the icy terrain.

Sunglasses Might Be Required Even Without the Sun

Combination of Sun, Clouds, and Ice

Just Enough Light to Reflect on the Ice

Not Quite Frozen

Almost Surreal

A Perfect Moment

You Don’t Want to Get Lost Here

Almost Like Another World


Sometimes It is About the Small Things

We very much enjoy seeing cityscapes, landscapes, enormous churches, bridges, and other substantial views during our travels. These sights can be breathtaking and are definitely the highlights of many of our trips. Sometimes, though, seeing some of the smaller details is just as memorable. Whether seeing the details in artwork, architecture, or focusing on a single flower, there is a lot of beauty that is on a smaller scale. We can look back at any of our travels and point to times where we saw and captured photos of intricate details that bring back fond memories of the place that we were visiting. Our trip to Iceland was definitely a trip with substantial landscapes with volcanoes, glaciers, lava covered beaches, huge geysers, and other amazing scenery. In addition to those grand sights, there were trickling streams, frozen pools, bubbling hot springs, and smaller lava features that were just as fascinating. For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, things that start with the letter I, we have chosen a few photos from Iceland that focus on some of the smaller details.

Stream in the National Park

Little Geyser

Lava Rocks

Frozen Pool