Friendships from Frankfurt

One of the last things that we did before leaving Frankfurt was to go around to our favorite places and take photos of some of the friends that we had made. We feel fortunate to have met such wonderful people who were a tremendous help to us as we struggled to live in a foreign country where we knew very little of the language. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Friend, so here are just a few photos of the friends that we made during our time in Germany.

Bruno and the Gang at Alten Limpurg
At the Brasserie
Dejan at Alten Limpurg
Giving a Thumbs Up
Us with Bruno
The Gluwein King
Holiday Time at the Brasseri

It is the Twilight of Our Stay in Germany

The past six months have been amazing to say the least.  We will be sharing so much more of our adventures over the coming weeks, but for now we are sitting in the lounge of the airport hotel preparing for our return trip to Colorado tomorrow. There have been so many highlights of our time living in Europe, each with their own special memories. Without a doubt, meeting a fellow blogger in Rome is a memory that we will always treasure and will definitely be one of the first blogs that we will share as soon as we get back home. Having made so many friends during our time in Frankfurt, the last few days have been full of sad goodbyes, shared drinks, and a whirlwind of emotions. To say that we will miss the people that we have met is an extreme understatement, but we know that we will keep in touch and perhaps even meet again when the opportunity presents itself. As one journey comes to an end, another is about to begin, so we look back with great fondness at the places we have visited, but understand that the future holds many more memories waiting to be made. This twilight photo was from a couple of nights ago from one of our favorite restaurants on the plaza of the opera house.

Sunset in Frankfurt
From the Door of Our Favorite Bistro