One Giant Step Leads to Another

When astronaut Neil Armstrong claimed that one small step for man was a giant leap for mankind, he captured a sentiment that all those who explore have known throughout their lives. It takes leaps of faith to venture and go forth and by doing so, we grow as human beings and our societies become more evolved. There are certainly arguments to be made that by simply visiting other places, we change them forever just by our presence. That is probably true for many reasons, it is a simple rule of quantum physics that observing a reaction by its very nature changes the interaction itself. Regardless of whether the world is better off for the increase in global interactions, it is certainly the way of the future. We have enjoyed seeing a variety of sights throughout our travels and perhaps we have changed the places that we have visited, but we know for sure that those travels have changed ourselves and shaped our lives. For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Crawling or Flying, we decided to select a few photos from our recent trips that inspire us to spread our wings and fly or simply take a few steps towards the future.

Pigeons taking Flight in Romania
Plane Landing at Sunset
Moth on Picture of a Toucan