Do Not Abandon All Hope

To say that the last twelve months has been interesting would be an understatement. Not just for the personal changes that have occurred, but equally for everything that has happened in the world. As we have mentioned, our site is not a political site, but there is no way to avoid the consequences of such a tumultuous year. It would be easy to bury one’s head in the sand and pretend that none of these events occurred, but whether we are outraged, discouraged, frustrated, or worse yet, ambivalent towards the events of the year, we cannot give up on the hope that is the human spirit. Every year provides moments that inspire us as well as fill us with dread. It is also possible that a single event can instill one emotion in some and the complete opposite emotion in others. We hope that the year to come brings more optimism than the year that is coming to an end, but we will remind us of what we told our children as they were growing up, “you can’t control the world, but you can control your own emotions, you can choose to be happy, sad, or mad. You can choose to be happy or you can let the world tell you how to feel.” Obviously that is an over-simplification, but we will choose to find the joy in life and do our best to surround ourselves with those who choose a smile over a frown. In response to this week’s Daily Post Discover Challenge – Hope Gone Viral, we have decided to choose this video instead of a single photo. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of our friends and enjoy this little video of children singing holiday songs for a local TV special at our hotel in Strasbourg, France.

Backdrop for the Kids


You are a Sum of Your Experiences

There are many factors that ultimately shape who you are as a human being. Whether you believe in nature or believe in nurture as the fundamental building blocks to us as human beings, there can be no escaping the fact that your experiences add to who you are as a human being. The people that you meet, the places that you see, the customs and cultures that you learn to understand, all have an indelible impact upon how you view the world around you. There might be some factors that are bestowed upon you at birth, but we believe that your experiences do influence the way that you interact with the world. The Daily Post Discover Challenge this week is Finding Your Place, talking about the places that have shaped who we are. For us, it is a simple and yet complex answer. The places that have influenced us the most are those that have pushed our cultural limits. With that in mind, here are a few photos from the places that have stretched our limits the most, India, Morocco, Bolivia, and even Germany due to the length of time that we have been here. Each of these locations have left a distinct imprint on our souls and we will never be the same without these unique opportunities to view the world through different eyes.

Mahabalipuram near Chennai, India
The Amazon Jungle
The Coast of Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean
Heidelberg, Germany


Time Lapse

We don’t often take photos as a series, we tend to just point and shoot towards the objects that draw our attention. The one exception to this is with sunsets, which by now you know we truly love seeing. We will often take a series of pictures as the sun slowly descends from the sky until it finally leaves only the glow against the clouds to remind you that it was once above the horizon. For this week’s Daily Post Discover Challenge – One, Two, Three, we decided to show not just our favorite shot of a sunset, but instead show the sequence of shots that we captured.  We aren’t putting every photo here, but the photos are in the order in which they were taken. This was a sunset as seen from our house, or what used to be our house, in Colorado Springs earlier this year in April.

The First Photo that We Took
Zoomed Out a Little
Tried a Different Setting on the Camera
Turned Our Attention Away from the Sunset to the Stormy Clouds that Helped Create the Sunset
Back to the Sunset
The First Bird to Arrive
Now There were a Few Birds in the Trees
Three More Birds Arrive
Just Shadows in the Foreground
Starting to Focus on the Birds in the Tree
More Birds Arriving
We Saw an Interesting Swirling Cloud
The Sunset is Nearly Over, the Birds are Going to Bed
The Last Photo that We Took of the Sunset