Watching the Sunrises in Africa

We have said many times that we are not really morning people and therefore don’t often see sunrises during our travels. Our time in Africa was quite different as we had to be up at sunrise in order to see the different wildlife while they were still active. As it turned out, the animals seemed to be active throughout the day, but some animals were not as easy to see during the heat of the day. We saw many gorgeous sunsets during our trip, but the sunrises were often just as spectacular. We especially enjoyed watching the sunrise during our balloon ride in Maasai Mara, which gave us a different perspective. Several of the sunrises that we saw were during our drive from one national park to another, so we did the best to take the photograph through the window of our vehicle. Here a few of the sunrises that we saw while we were in Tanzania and Kenya.

Sunrise in the Maasai Mara
Sun Cresting the Horizon
Brilliant Sunrise Leaving Amboseli National Park
Giraffe Catching the Glow of Sunrise
Sunrise as We Left Serengeti

Not a Cloud in the Sky

Although clouds often enhance sunrises and sunsets, there is something about a crystal clear blue sky that is quite amazing. If the weather isn’t too hot, we really enjoy going on a hike when the skies are perfectly clear. Taking photographs when the blue sky silhouettes the objects in the foreground often really makes those objects stand out even more. Obviously you can’t just order up a clear sky when you want it, so when it happens it is certainly a wonderful treat. Here are just a few photographs of clear skies not just from hiking, but from places that we’ve visited as well.

Beautiful Arch and Blue Skies in Utah
Clear Blue Sky Behind the Statue in Laos
Clear Blue Sky Behind Pine Trees
Red Rock Framed by the Sky
Seagulls Filling the Sky

The Beauty of the Yellow-Billed Stork

We saw hundreds of birds while we were in East Africa and many of them had amazing colors. One of the birds that we saw in several of the different parks that we visited was the Yellow-Billed Stork. It might not be as colorful as some of the other birds that we saw, but the yellow color on the bill contrasting with the red around the eyes gave him a very expressive look. Whenever we saw different birds, we tried to take several photographs of them so that we could capture them from several different angles. Most of the time on the safari was focused on the big animals, but the birds were equally amazing. We’re not sure if this is what people imagined when they talked about storks delivering babies, but they certainly exude a sense of pride.

Focusing on the Yellow-Billed Stork’s Face
Even from the Distance the Bill Stands Out
Very Regal Looking
Rustled Feathers