Getting Away from it All

With exactly four weeks left for our stay here in Germany, at least for the time-being, things are becoming extremely hectic. We are flying our mother over to Dublin to spend several days in Ireland, which has been a life-long dream of hers. After that, we have a couple of weeks to see as much as we can, so we’re going to take some time off of work to truly enjoy our remaining time. Once we arrive back home, we have too many decisions to make to even fathom at the moment. We have woken up in the morning with mild panic attacks over the past few days, so we need to take a mental break from the stress of heading home. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Solitude. We are definitely believers in getting away from the world and enjoying quiet solitude in nature. Whether walking in the frozen landscape of Iceland or hiking in the mountains of Colorado, there is something special about being alone in your surroundings.

Sunrise Across the Frozen Tundra
The Mountains of Colorado
Another View of Iceland