Wine-Beer at the Liberati Restaurant and Brewery in Denver, Colorado

It is certainly no secret that we enjoy having both different beers as well as wine during our travels. We had heard about a brewery in Denver that was creating beers with fermented grapes and we knew that we had to give them a try. The Liberati Restaurant and Brewery has 15 different Oenobeers, or beers made with as much as 49% of the fermented ingredients coming from grapes. We sampled several of the beers that they offered and each had its own flavor profile. For some, there was no mistaking the wine component of the beer as the grape flavors were very noticeable. There were others where you wouldn’t even know that the beer was brewed with grapes if you hadn’t read the menu. And there was even one beer that tasted exactly like a port wine and, if you didn’t know better, you would never think it was a beer.

The Brewery
Kolsch and Nut Brown Beers
Fountain on the Patio

The first beer that we tried was called the Sea of Cherries and it was definitely on the fruity side. It was made with Pinot Noir grapes, but the flavor of the cherries certainly were up front. The second beer was a Franciacorta that was bubbly and the champagne-like qualities certainly came through. Next was an Imperial Kolsch and the taste was that of a traditional beer despite having been brewed with Pinot Grigio grapes. Another beer that was more on the traditional side was a Nut Brown beer that was darker beer with a nutty flavor. The final beer that we tried was the Port Oenobeer, which we have already mentioned tasted exactly like a port wine, bold and delicious.

Sea of Cherries, Franciacorta, and Kolsch Samples
The Taps
Tempura Veggie Platter

It is certainly an interesting innovation in brewing beers. Even with the grapes, the beers can have just as diverse flavors as any other beer, including IPA’s. Although we only tasted one-third of the beers on their list, we are excited to try them again the next time that we are in Denver. The restaurant itself has a wide variety of Italian food and a wonderful atmosphere, including an outdoor patio area.

Beer Samples
Another View of the Brewery


Supporting a Local Cause

Regardless of where you are, supporting a local cause is a great way to do something good and make yourself feel good in the process. When that support comes in the form of attending an event, then it is even better. Over the weekend, we went to an event called Pints for Paws Brewfest with the proceeds going to the local Humane Society. Several restaurants and breweries provided food and beers and there was a local band providing festive music as well. The cost of the event was reasonable and the cause was certainly worthwhile.

Gathering Around the Beer Tents
Pastrami Sliders from Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar
Dancing to the Music

We have always been firm believers in getting a rescue animal if you are interested in getting a dog or cat as a pet. We have had several dogs and a cat that were all rescue animals throughout the years, although we don’t currently have any pets as we aren’t home enough to take care of them properly. Our last puppy lived to be 17 years old and we have very vivid memories of going to pick him out. At the time, our youngest daughter wanted to get a dog and she was hoping to get a golden retriever. We went to the animal shelter and there were a couple of retrievers, but they had a long list of names of people wanting to adopt them.

Adorable Puppy
Our Friend’s at Ted’s
Plenty of People Supporting the Cause

We kept walking around and then a cute little black and brown dog caught our eye. Our daughter knelt next to him and he raised his paw to give her a high-five. His description listed him as a Rottweiler Mix, but he was much more of an Australian Cattle Dog. Unlike the other dogs where we would have had to wait before we could take them home, he was available immediately, most likely due to people being fearful of adopting a dog that had been labeled a Rottweiler. He was one of the most loving and loyal dogs that we have ever adopted.

Our Dog, Einstein
Colorado Moonshine
Varieties of Wine

We had a great time at the event, tasting food from Ted’s Montana Grill, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, and P. F. Chang’s. It was a hot day, so tasting beers from Bristol Brewing
Company, JAKs Brewing Company, Black Forest Brewing Company, and Trinity Brewing Company.  In addition to the beer, there were also a couple of wineries, Avanti Winery and Vino Passarelli, with wonderful wines to taste as well as a tent with Colorado Moonshine from 3 Hundred Days of Shine. We were pleased to see a good turnout to support the Humane Society and enjoy some lively music while enjoying excellent food and drinks. In many ways, it is like going to a local festival in Europe only the money goes to a worthwhile cause. If you find a similar event in your area, you should definitely take advantage of it and participate.

Enjoying the Brewfest
Black Forest Brewing Had a Wonderful Mango Habanero Wheat Beer
Time for Food
Beer from Trinity


Tasting the Local Beers (Biers)

One of the things that we have enjoyed is trying the various local beers at each of the cities and towns that we have visited. We had heard before moving to Germany that you can only find the local beer in each of the towns and that you couldn’t find anything else. That might be true in certain pubs and restaurants, but for the most part we have found that you can find some of the national favorites in addition to the local brew. With that said, we try to taste the local beer, especially a seasonal one, wherever we visit.

One of the First Beers from here in Frankfurt
From Heidelberg, Obviously
Blurry, but from a Wonderful Restaurant in Koblenz where Albert Einstein used to Visit
Painting of Einstein in the Restaurant

We prefer bolder beers, usually more of an amber or brown beer, but we have had several pilsners as well, which are often the favorite of the locals. Here in Frankfurt, Bitburger seems to be the most popular and it is always served with a coaster around the stem of the glass. One other thing to note is that every beer, even seasonal ones, are served in glasses specific to that particular beer. You won’t find a generic glass or mug, each beer has it’s own special glass with the logo of the brewery and the specific type of beer clearly displayed.

From Cologne
From Cologne, but can be found in the US
From Frankfurt
Winter Beer from Würzburg

Whether you like beer or not, while in Germany, you should at least try a few of the local offerings. If you do, don’t just go from ones on tap as some of the best can only be found in a bottle. Just like with all of the food that we have been eating, we try to taste them in moderation and try to get some extra steps in during the day to offset the calories. Germany also has some wonderful wines with plenty of local vinyards, so don’t limit yourself to beer during your visit. Sitting in a pub with a pint in your hand may not change your life, but you may gain a few friends as it is a popular pastime here.

From Hochheim
More from Frankfurt
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