When is a Trail not a Trail?

Walking through the River

The answer… when it is a stream, but you still have to hike through it. When we did our canopy tour in Bolivia, we had to hike through a stream and climb a waterfall just to get to the start of the zip-lining course. As far as we know, there wasn’t anything in the water that we needed to worry about, but then again, no one really talked about it. We didn’t have any other shoes with us and we were going to be trekking in the jungle the next day, so we weren’t particularly happy that our shoes were drenched with water. When we returned to our eco-lodge later that evening, we removed our shoes and our guide came up with a creative solution. There were no laundry facilities at the lodge since we were in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, so our guide took our shoes and placed the by vent of the freezer.

Climbing Up
The Hike Begins

We walked back to our room wearing our socks and when we got to our room, we looked down at our feet to see them covered with ants. Certainly not a pleasant sight and getting them off of our socks was not easy as they clang to them with their sharp legs. The following morning we were relieved to find that our shoes were no longer dripping wet. Considering the heat and humidity of the rainforest, our shoes would not have dried without the heat from that vent.

Climbing up the Waterfall
Staying in the Shallow Water

You can’t head into the jungle without expecting a few interesting stories to come from the adventure. We are hoping to return to the jungle during our trip to Ecuador that starts one month from today. For Cee’s WhichCee’s Which Way Photo Challenge Way Photo Challenge, we have chosen to share these photos of our hike through the stream in the Bolivian jungle.