Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

The Animal Kingdom Theme Park at Walt Disney World is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, so it is probably fitting that we visited on our 20th wedding anniversary several years ago. There are so many things to see at Walt Disney World, but Animal Kingdom is pretty unique because it combines the excitement of a safari with the things that you would expect from Disney such as thrill rides, characters, and fantasy come to life. Obviously, the attractions have likely changed some since our visit, but the heart of the adventure remains the same, which are the animals within the park.

Animals on the Safari Ride
The Tree of Life
Donald Duck on a Parade Float
Expedition Everest
View from the Safari Car

Clearly it isn’t the same as a real safari, but unlike going on a safari in Africa, you are guaranteed to see all of the various animals in an environment that feels very authentic. Although the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, which is an open air vehicle ride among the animals, is the highlight of the park, there are plenty of other things to see. Second on the list of things that must be done is Expedition Everest. The main attraction is the rollercoaster-style ride, which is definitely thrilling with its Abominable Snowman encounter. Even though we went without children, Dinoland is definitely another part of the park that will be fun for people of all ages. Finally, Conservation Station provides more animal encounters along with a learning experience that the kids won’t find boring.

Entering Expedition Everest
Having Fun in Dinoland
Plenty of Disney Characters
Crocodiles Laying in the Sun
Conservation Station

We spent a single, full day in the theme park and felt that we were able to thoroughly explore the park, but it could certainly be visited more than once during a trip to Disney World. For those that love the parades with all of the Disney characters, don’t worry, there are definitely fun parades that are unique and different than those that you see in the other theme parks. We would certainly recommend going to each of the different theme parks in Walt Disney World, but visiting the Animal Kingdom will be an experience that you will certainly enjoy due to its uniqueness.

Parade in Animal Kingdom
Rhinos Relaxing in the Shade
Watching the Parade
Not All of the Animals are Real 😉
Tibetan Flags in Expedition Everest
Siberian Tiger
Recreation of an Explorers Cabin
Following a Giraffe
Close Encounter
Rafiki in the Jungle