The Beauty of a Mountain Trail

We love hiking throughout the year and the scenery in the Rocky Mountains is always quite stunning. Although we always take time to look around and see the mountain peaks or stop to gaze at a waterfall, but when you hike you spend the majority of your time staring at the trail that is right in front of you. Obviously we try to keep our eyes on the trees around us to catch a glimpse of any animals that might be near by, but the surest way to trip and bang yourself up is to try to walk over roots and rocks without paying attention to where you place your feet.

Leaves on the Trail
Shadows on the Trail
Bridge on a Mountain Trail
Aspen Leaves on Snow Covered Trail
Fallen Tree by the Trail

Trails come in many different styles from wide and well-traveled to narrow and sometimes overgrown. Some places are deep in the woods and others are in open fields or even along the edge of a cliff. The different parts of the trail also provide different things along the trail itself, such as Aspen leaves falling on the path or roots of giant pine trees jutting out of the ground. It is quite common for trails in Colorado to be a mix of everything as you hike the full length of the trail. We enjoy all of the different types of trails for the natural beauty that each supplies. Just getting out into nature is its own reward and hiking is a great way to relax, unwind, and recharge ones battery.

Colorado Trail
Beaver Creek Trail
Barr Trail at Tree Line
Shadows Across a Trail in Colorado
Rocks on the Trail

One Giant Step Leads to Another

When astronaut Neil Armstrong claimed that one small step for man was a giant leap for mankind, he captured a sentiment that all those who explore have known throughout their lives. It takes leaps of faith to venture and go forth and by doing so, we grow as human beings and our societies become more evolved. There are certainly arguments to be made that by simply visiting other places, we change them forever just by our presence. That is probably true for many reasons, it is a simple rule of quantum physics that observing a reaction by its very nature changes the interaction itself. Regardless of whether the world is better off for the increase in global interactions, it is certainly the way of the future. We have enjoyed seeing a variety of sights throughout our travels and perhaps we have changed the places that we have visited, but we know for sure that those travels have changed ourselves and shaped our lives. For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Crawling or Flying, we decided to select a few photos from our recent trips that inspire us to spread our wings and fly or simply take a few steps towards the future.

Pigeons taking Flight in Romania

Plane Landing at Sunset

Moth on Picture of a Toucan


First Day in Vienna, Austria

We apologize for the relatively brief post, but we decided to take an impromptu visit to Vienna, Austria, for an three-day weekend. We flew in last night and have spent the day enjoying everything that Vienna has to offer. One surprising thing is that the Christmas Markets started today, with the largest one starting tomorrow. They don’t start in Germany until the 23rd of November, so we didn’t expect to find them starting already. We will fill you in on all of the festivities, but here are a couple of photos to give you a feel for our first day here.

Michael vs Lucifer Statue
Michael vs Lucifer Statue

One of the Market Stands
One of the Market Stands

Old Town Vienna
Old Town Vienna

The Second of Four Christmas Markets in Vienna
The Second of Four Christmas Markets in Vienna