The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (Giraffe Centre) in Nairobi

During our city tour of Nairobi, we visited the Giraffe Centre, whose official name is the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife. Obviously the proceeds from people visiting the center go to the preservation of endangered animals in Africa such as the cheetahs, rhinos, and other animals. Having spent the previous eleven days on safari where we saw giraffes in the wild every day, we weren’t sure at first about visiting the Giraffe Centre. It is currently going under some renovations in order to improve the experience of the visitors and to make the center even more green. The highlight of visiting the Giraffe Centre is getting up close to the giraffes and feeding them.

Giraffes Lined Up to be Fed
Getting Close to the Giraffes, But Watch Out for Headbutts
Giving Us a Curious Look

If you have young children, going the Giraffe Centre provides a wonderful opportunity for them to get close to these gentle giants and allow them a unique interaction. It is always important to remember that they are still wild animals, although very tame, but they can be unpredictable or playful at times. The famous Giraffe Manor shares the same grounds as the Giraffe Centre and we assume, but aren’t positive, that the same giraffes can be found at both places. It was an interesting experience and we are always happy to support a good cause, but we didn’t stay long at the center as we’ve fed giraffes previously and enjoyed our experiences seeing them in the wild.

Walking into the Center
Giraffe Manor in the Distance
Probably Disappointed that We Didn’t Feed Them

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