Some of Our Favorite Flower Photographs

Regardless of where we travel to, our eyes are naturally drawn to colorful flowers. Sometimes we take photographs of an entire bed of flowers, but other times we will focus in on a single flower to see all of the amazing details. It is also a way to see how various parts of the flower reflects light differently, creating unique contrasts. Here are some of our favorite flower photographs that we’ve taken during different trips to different parts of the world.

Beautiful Wildflower
White and Red Orchid
Tropical Flower
Colorful Flower in Ecuador
Butterfly on a Flower
Very Unique
Flower in the Jungle of Panama
Purple Wildflower
Interesting Yellow Wildflower
Tropical Flower in Panama

5 thoughts on “Some of Our Favorite Flower Photographs

  1. Beautiful flowers. Flowers are one of my favorite objects to photograph. Most of mine are taken without a tripod so end up a bit out of focus. Now that I’m home I’ve experimented with the tripod and very happy with the results.

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