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One of the things that we always enjoy when walking the 16th Street Mall in Denver, Colorado, is watching people play the fancifully decorated pianos on the street. This certainly isn’t isolated to Denver, but providing access to musical instruments in a public setting provides an opportunity for impromptu gatherings of people enjoying themselves. As soon as someone stops and starts to play, usually better than one might expect, people start to gather, perhaps someone starts to sing, and the next thing you know you are enjoying a show. We often see homeless people playing the pianos, which is not only a reminder of their humanity, but is likely a brief opportunity for them to escape from their plight. In this time in the world when music classes are being eliminated from schools, seeing how music can connect people of all ethnicities should serve as an example to be replicated not eradicated. Have you seen anything similar in the cities that you’ve visited? If so, we would love to hear about them and how they are received in those places.

Listening to the Music
Just a Place to Relax
Practicing Her Skills
Play Music and People Will Come
Classical Music
Colorful Pianos


11 thoughts on “Art and Inspiration

  1. I love this! I was fortunate to see painted pianos installed here in Mesa AZ and it was amazing to watch and listen to others play. And I loved the artwork created on the pianos, each unique and moving. I love your post. Thank you for bringing a smile to my day and reminding me of a wonderful memory!

  2. Thanks for great post. I will need to get down there to visit the 16th St Mall. I am a new blogger; also residing in CO. My blog is just beginning but I hope to build a community center where we share all kinds of ideas about money and personal finance. My hope also includes the desire of helping MANY OTHERS IN THIS SAME WAY; while I personally grow! All are WELCOME to join in the project in process; right now make sure to “wear your hard hat” when visiting the blog; as the site is still under construction!
    Opinions, comments and ideas All are WHOLEHEARTEDLY WELCOME

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